Freight Systems Drives Sustainability in the Global Freight Industry through Strategic Partnership with SeaRoutes

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Dubai, UAE, April 2024 – Freight Systems, a prominent global freight forwarding company known for its commitment to innovative and sustainable logistics solutions, proudly announce its strategic alliance with SeaRoutes, a trailblazer in promoting greener supply chains.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the quest for reducing door-to-door emissions. By leveraging advanced technology, the partnership ensures accurate measurement of carbon emissions for each shipment. The emissions calculation comprehensively addresses the entire transportation process, providing a detailed overview of the environmental impact.

Key Benefits of the Partnership Include

  • Accurate Measurement of Carbon Emissions: Leveraging advanced technology, the partnership ensures precise measurement of carbon emissions for each shipment. From the vehicle’s journey to the port to the type of ship used, the emissions calculation encompasses the entire transportation process, providing a comprehensive view of environmental impact.
  • Detailed Sustainability Reports: Clients will now have access to detailed sustainability reports that outline their carbon footprint. These reports enable informed decision-making and empower clients to implement targeted emissions reduction strategies.
  • Streamlined Operations: Freight Systems will provide a unified platform for both shipping solutions and CO2 emissions reporting. This streamlines operations for our clients, eliminating the need to engage with multiple vendors.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: With our partnership, clients can easily compare emissions across different shipping options. The availability of data empowers clients to make informed, data-driven decisions that minimize their environmental impact.

Mr. Jonathan Phillips, CEO of Freight Systems, said “At Freight Systems, we are very dedicated to our sustainability efforts and are constantly looking for ways to do more.  We have implemented sustainable packaging and constructed EDGE and GEM-certified warehouses that are solar-powered and are starting to transition away from gas-powered delivery vehicles.  We are now very closely looking into our international shipping modes and how to include more sustainable and eco-friendly options there.  Our partnership with SeaRoutes allows us to provide our customers data-driven insights on CO2 emissions, enabling them to measure their sustainability efforts and make impactful decisions.”

Through this strategic partnership, Freight Systems and SeaRoutes aim to inspire the industry to adopt sustainable practices and set a new standard for environmentally responsible freight forwarding.

About Freight Systems

Freight Systems is a leading global freight forwarding company with over three decades of experience, offering end-to-end solutions backed by cutting-edge technology. Headquartered in Dubai, with an extensive network spanning more than 350 locations across six continents, the company provides a wide range of services, including transportation services, contract logistics, customs clearance, project logistics, fine arts logistics, and eCommerce solutions. Freight Systems’ sustainability strategy focuses on prioritizing people and the planet. For more information, visit:

About SeaRoutes

SeaRoutes is dedicated to revolutionizing supply chain performance by promoting environmental responsibility. As a pioneer in facilitating greener supply chains, we empower businesses with decision-making tools to optimize routes and reduce carbon footprints. With a strong commitment to accurate measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions, we help companies navigate evolving regulatory landscapes while advancing their sustainability goals. For more information, visit:

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