Go Green with Freight Systems: Responsibly Powering into the Future

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Freight Systems, a global supply chain solutions company offering end-to-end solutions backed by technology and expertise, including Freight Forwarding, Transportation Services, Contract Logistics, Customs Clearance, Project Logistics and Fine Arts Logistics, e-commerce solutions, is proud to announce the successful installation and commissioning of a state-of-the-art solar panel system at its DWC Freezone Warehouse & Fulfillment Centre.

This milestone marks a significant step forward in our environmental and sustainability goals.

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Mr. David Phillips, CEO of Freight Systems, Mr. Jon Phillips, COO of Freight Systems, inaugurated the solar power system in the presence of Mr. Aroop Datta, Amanda Phillips, Priya Sujeet, Ajay Krishnan, Manu Raj Bhalla and other members of the leadership team

We also like to appreciate the professionalism and commitment of Emirates Electrical Engineering LLC (Al Rostamani Group owned company) to complete the project within the defined timelines.

The solar energy Rooftop project, comprising 890 top-efficiency solar panels which will generate over 717 megawatt capacity of clean energy annually. This translates to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions/waste, equivalent to USA 111 &  UAE 64 of fossil fuel operating passenger vehicles removed from the road in one year.

By harnessing the power of the sun, Freight Systems is making a positive impact on the environment and supporting the global transition to a greener and circular economy.

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Key Features of the Solar Panel Installation

Cutting-Edge Technology: The solar panels deployed at the Dubai South Freezone warehouse incorporate the latest advancements in photovoltaic technology, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency.

Sustainable Operations: With this installation, Freight Systems reinforces its commitment to sustainable practices, contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint and reliance on conventional energy sources.

Environmental Benefits: The solar panel system is projected to offset approximately USA 508,544 kg’s | UAE 286,908 kg’s of CO2 emissions annually, positively impacting the local environment and community.

Economic Viability: The installation not only aligns with our green initiatives but also presents a sound economic investment. The solar panel system is anticipated to yield substantial savings on energy costs over its operational lifespan.

Local Collaboration: Freight Systems collaborated closely with Dubai South, demonstrating our dedication to fostering strong ties within the local community and supporting regional sustainability efforts.

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